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Naturist and textile tourism in Vera Playa

Naturist movement was originated in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century under the name of Körper Kultur (culture of the body). Its origin coincides with the publication of two books that later became the guides of naturists: Nudity by Richard Ungewitter, and Nudity in Art and Life by Heinrich Pudor. The books promoted a return to nature by adopting a way of life stripped of the vices of civilization. They proposed to take off their clothes, stop eating meat, smoke and drink alcohol. In addition, the change of habit could be accompanied by physical activities outdoors.

Vera Playa is one of the main naturist destinations in Spain, and has a coastline of 7 kilometers that allow a parallel development of both family and naturist tourism.

Naturist and textile tourism in Vera Playa

The fact that the naturist tourist chose Vera’s beaches several decades ago was not a coincidence. Its attractive sands and the exceptional quality of its waters, together with the goodness of the climate and the exceptional surroundings, have seduced both naturists and thousands of families who choose Vera Playa to spend their vacations.

The success of the coexistence of this tourism model is that naturism is practiced in a very specific area since its beginnings: the northern stretch of El Playazo beach. El Playazo is one of the most outstanding naturist beaches in Spain because it has a complete equipment for tourist use.

On the other hand, textile tourism prefers the southern stretch of El Playazo beach, Puerto Rey beach and Las Marinas-Bolaga beach. There is total respect for both parties (naturists and traditional tourism), since the two types of tourism know this circumstance when they choose Vera Playa.

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