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The beaches of Vera Playa

The beaches of Vera Playa are the perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation with family or friends. It is the best option to enjoy the sun, the beach, the sea, and much more…

During the high season, from June 15th to September 15th, the beaches of Vera are equipped with services so that they can be used as a swim space that covers all possible guarantees in terms of safety, rescue, health care and environmental issues.

Las Marinas-Bolaga Beach: the tourist attraction of the beaches of Vera begins at its southern end with Las Marinas-Bolaga beach, certified with the Q of Quality since 2006. It is an open and extensive beach of perfect linearity and high quality, with a tourist attraction of great value. It is a magnificent place for leisure and recreation.

Puerto Rey Beach: Antas River flows on the Puerto Rey Beach forming a small lagoon with cane fields and aeneas. This beach has a great length, a high level of occupation, and areas for practicing different sports and aquatic activities.

The beaches of Vera Playa

El Playazo Beach: It is an immense sandy beach more than 2 kilometers long. The northern part of this beach is frequented by naturists. Naturism has been deeply developed for decades in Vera and coexists in total harmony with family holiday makers, which prefer the southern part of El Playazo or other beaches of Vera.

The northern end of El Playazo Beach is also known as Cala Marqués, located in a small cove with pine trees that puts an end to the exceptional coastline of Vera Playa. The southern area is urbanized, and the northern area (which belongs to Palomares, Playa de Quitapellejos) is a virgin beach.

The beaches of Vera Playa are the best option to enjoy the sun, the sea, and much more. Do not forget to book your accommodation by clicking below!

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